Announcement: COLLECTOR Giveaway

March 21, 2023

The Modern Relics project is giving away 1 Dogeparty COLLECTOR token through our Twitter account. Anyone may enter for the drawing which will remain open for several weeks through the middle of April 2023. 

The Dogeparty COLLECTOR token grants the holder airdrops of each of the monthly Dogeparty Modern Relic tokens which will be released according to the distribution schedule as displayed on the project website.

Similarly, Counterparty COLLECTOR holders will receive Counterparty Modern Relics. Holders of both COLLECTOR tokens will receive the entire collection of forty (40) 2014 DOGE and BTC collectibles in the project’s distribution schedule which can be found on the project website homepage.

We are excited to offer a giveaway of a Dogeparty COLLECTOR, one of our most prized assets in the project, and we wish all entries the best of luck!