Submit Artwork


Submission Process

To submit artwork for the project, please refer to the process & guidelines described on this page below.

Every submission must include a submission fee payment transaction which will cover the issuance and transfer costs of the artist’s Modern Relic subasset.

  • Step 1: Acquire 1 RELICSUBMIT token
  • Step 2: Destroy 1 RELICSUBMIT token
  • Step 3: Save the transaction hash for the token destruction and include it as part of your artwork submission.

Once you have both your artwork ready and have destroyed 1 RELICSUBMIT tokens, please fill out the submission form below.

By submitting artwork, you agree to grant the Modern Relics project a non-revokable license to use submitted artwork as we see fit (to promote project, etc.)


Artwork guidelines

  • Image must be 800×1120
  • Acceptable file types include JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • No websites or QR codes
  • Artwork cannot be attached to another asset and/or submitted/accepted in another directory
  • Original content only – do not steal (we will check)
  • No NSFW or offensive content (we have a companion project Rude Relics for content of this type)